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CY62146CV30LL-70BAI |CY62146CV30LL70BAICYPRESSN/a141avaiMemory : MicroPower SRAMs

CY62146CV30LL-70BAI ,Memory : MicroPower SRAMsBlock DiagramDATA IN DRIVERSA10A9A8A7A6A256K × 165A4 RAM Array I/O – I/O0 7A2048 × 20483I/O – I/OA8 ..
CY62146DV30L-70ZSXI ,4-Mbit (256K x 16) Static RAMfeatures ad-description of read and write modes.vanced circuit design to provide ultra-low active c ..
CY62146DV30LL-55BVI ,Memory : MicroPower SRAMsBlock DiagramDATA IN DRIVERSA10A9A8A7A6A 256K x 165A4 RAM Array I/O –I/O0 7A3I/O –I/OA8 152A1A0COLU ..
CY62146DV30LL-55BVXI ,4-Mbit (256K x 16) Static RAM CY62146DV304-Mbit (256K x 16) Static RAMan automatic power-down feature that significantly reduces
CY62146DV30LL-55ZSXI ,4-Mbit (256K x 16) Static RAMfeaturesthrough A ). If Byte High Enable (BHE) is LOW, then data17• Automatic power-down when desel ..
CY62146DV30LL-70ZSXI ,4-Mbit (256K x 16) Static RAMFunctional Descriptionpins will appear on I/O to I/O . If Byte High Enable (BHE) is0 7LOW, then dat ..
D15SB80 , Single-phase Silicon Bridge Rectifier Reverse Voltage 200 to 800V Forward Current 15A
D15SCA4M , Schottky Rectifiers (SBD) (40V 15A)
D15SCA4M , Schottky Rectifiers (SBD) (40V 15A)
D15XB80 , General Purpose Rectifiers(800V 15A)
D15XB80 , General Purpose Rectifiers(800V 15A)
D15XBS6 , Schottky Rectifiers(SBD)


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