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CY7C1018CV33-12VC |CY7C1018CV3312VCCYPRESSN/a73avaiMemory : Async SRAMs
CY7C1018CV33-12VI |CY7C1018CV3312VICYN/a35avaiMemory : Async SRAMs

CY7C1018CV33-12VC ,Memory : Async SRAMsBlock DiagramPin ConfigurationsSOJTop ViewA 32 A10 16A1 2 31 A15A3 302 A14I/O0 AA3 4 2913INPUT BUFF ..
CY7C1018CV33-12VI ,Memory : Async SRAMsCharacteristics Over the Operating Range7C1018CV33 7C1018CV33 7C1018CV33 7C1018CV33-8 -10 -12 -15Pa ..
CY7C1018DV33-10VXI ,1-Mbit (128 K ?8) Static RAMFunctional DescriptionPin- and function-compatible with CY7C1018CV33 and The CY7C1018DV33/CY7C1019D ..
CY7C1018V33-12VC ,128K x 8 Static RAMBlock DiagramPin ConfigurationsSOJTop ViewA 32 A10 16A1 31 A215A 3032 A14I/O0 A4 29 A313INPUT BUFFE ..
CY7C1019-12VC ,128K x 8 Static RAMFeatures(CE) and write enable (WE) inputs LOW. Data on the eight I/O• High speed pins (I/O through ..
CY7C1019-12VC ,128K x 8 Static RAMCharacteristics Over the Operating Range7C1019-10 7C1019-12 7C1019-15Parameter Description Test Con ..
D27C256 , 256 Kilobit (32,768 x 8-Bit) CMOS EPROM
D27C256 , 256 Kilobit (32,768 x 8-Bit) CMOS EPROM
D2A120000 , Dual Inline Pack Reed Relay
D2D-2100 , Door Interlock Switch
D2F-01L , Snap Action Switch
D2F20 , General Purpose Rectifiers(200V 1.4A)


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