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UCC27424QDRQ1TIN/a57avaiAutomotive Catalog Dual 4-A High Speed Low-Side Mosfet Drivers With Enable 8-SOIC -40 to 125

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Automotive Catalog Dual 4-A High Speed Low-Side Mosfet Drivers With Enable

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UCC27423-Q1, UCC27424-Q1, UCC27425-Q1

UCC2742x-Q1 Dual 4-A High-Speed Low-Side MOSFET Drivers With Enable Features
Qualifiedfor Automotive Applications AEC-Q100 Qualified With Device Temperature Grade
+125°C Ambient Operating
Range Device HBM ESD Classification Device CDM ESD Classification Industry-Standard Pinout Enable Functions for Each Driver High-Current Drive Capabilityof±4A Unique Bipolar and CMOS True Drive Output
Stage Provides High Currentat MOSFET Miller
Thresholds Inputs Independentof Supply Voltage Compatible
With TTL and CMOS 20-ns Typical Rise and 15-ns Typical Fall Times
With 1.8-nF Load Typical Propagation Delay Timesof25ns With
Input Falling and35ns With Input Rising 4-Vto 15-V Supply Voltage Dual Outputs Can Be Paralleled for Higher Drive
Current Availablein Thermally Enhanced MSOP
PowerPAD™ Package Rated From –40°Cto +125°C Applications Switch Mode Power Supplies DC-DC Converters Motor Controllers Line Drivers ClassD Switching Amplifiers Description
The UCC2742x-Q1 familyof devices are high-speed
dual MOSFET drivers capable of delivering large into capacitive loads. Two standard are offered: dual inverting and dual drivers. They are offeredin the standard (D) package. The thermally enhanced8- Package MSOP package (DGN) the thermal resistanceto improve that inherently minimizes shoot- these drivers deliver 4-A current most,at the Miller plateau region, switching transition.A unique hybrid output stagein parallel
also allows efficient current sourcing and sinkingat
low supply voltages.
The UCC2742x-Q1 provide enable (ENBL) functions have better controlof the operationof the driver
applications. ENBA and ENBB are implemented on
pins1 and8, which were previously left unusedin the
industry standard pinout. They are internally pulledup VDD for active-high logic and can be left open for
Block Diagram
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